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About Us

Operating for over 20 years, we’re a trusted POSM partner across diverse industries from Tobacco, Food and Beverage, to the Pharmaceutical Industry and Cosmetics. Our full-service approach covers design to production, helping our clients grab attention with creative display solutions.


Founded in 2002, we’re a global team with a 100-strong supplier network for faster production and speed to market.


An experienced, enthusiastic, multicultural team of professionals working on two continents.

Pierre Vilpoux
Designer & Project Manager

Romain Montagnard
Senior Key Account Manager

Carole Piette
Administration Manager

Laurent Lacroix
Senior Product Designer

Michael Piette
General Manager

Sabaydin Helsoni
Senior Key Account Manager


7Concepts was founded in 2002 by Michael Piette and Yves Hansenne, with an initial focus on bringing motion lenticular technology to major companies in the Benelux region. In 2004, Michael bought out Yves’ share, taking full control of the company. The addition of Sabaydin Helsoni facilitated the establishment of a successful network of sales distributors across Europe.


By 2007, however,  digital technologies made lenticular technology obsolete, leading us to pivot and focus on custom display solutions for the tobacco sector, specialising in battery powered dynamic displays. At this time we began to produce electronics and LED modules in China and we assembled the displays in partner factories in Eastern Europe.


Since then, we’ve continued to provide novel solutions, capitalizing on new market technologies. Our well-known products include self-powered Blinky packs and interactive cash trays, an innovative solution for tobacco advertising. We have also bolstered our supply network and production capabilities.


Fast forward to 2023, we’ve grown and evolved, offering a wide assortment of display and merchandising solutions for major FCMG brands. Our team spans five countries across two continents, with offices in Hong Kong, France, Italy, Belgium, and Spain. We now have over 100 carefully vetted suppliers in China and Europe, as well as a joint venture with a factory in China, so we can choose the best fit for each product and project.


Despite our growth and evolution, our mission remains steadfast – creating hard-hitting, attention-grabbing display solutions.


22 years

22 years experience in POS displays design & manufacturing


Headquarter in Brussels and Hong Kong

Sales teams in France, Spain and Italy

Production, warehousing and Logistic partnerships in Europe


Design, Engineering, Logistic, Sourcing and project management teams in Guangzhou, China

100+ suppliers in China (Printing & cardboard, plastic /metal, MDF, …)


We work along with our partners at reducing the environmental impact of our products


About Us

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